Rotary Electric Motors, Industrial Controller of Asynchronous Motors and Brushless Motors, AC / DC 300W Dynamometer, DC Motor Load Study, Motor-Generator Set, Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Motor, Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Motor, Brushless AC Motor
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Mikroskop Biologiczny BioBlue BB.4200

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Pomoce Naukowe oraz Stanowiska Edukacyjne dla Uczelni Technicznych: Mikroskop Biologiczny BioBlue BB.4200

Euromex Microscopes was founded in 1966. More than 900.000 microscopes have been delivered over the past 45 years. Around the world, Euromex is represented in more than 70 countries through distributors, re-sellers and agents, selling Euromex and Novex microscopes. We carry all products on stock, ready to deliver. 98% of our orders are processed within 2 working days. Euromex ensures to keep spare parts for all microscopes and instruments for a period of 20 years. On warranty repairs we generally guarantee fixing within one week from arrival at factory. In our Holland based workshop microscopes are assembled according to customer specifications. Euromex is ISO 9001:2008 certified. On our microscopes we carry a long term warranty up to 10 years!

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