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Silnik Samochodowy Benzynowy FSI Euro 4 - Stanowisko Dydaktyczne MVFSI01


   Fully functional system
   Diagnosis through OBD 16 pole diagnostic socket
   Open contacts for measuring system components and circuits
   Fault code simulations

Technical specifications and functions

The educational functional model with direct petrol injection (FSI) system, instrument cluster, cooling system, power supply system and the exhaust system;
Ability to measure the exhaust gas before and after the catalytic converter;
Completed with safety removable panels to protect against hot and rotating parts;
Electric wiring diagram with built-in banana plug jumpers for measurements and simulation of system fault codes;
Ability to simulate more than 30 faults by disconnecting Banana plug jumpers;
The trainer with external components is clearly visible after removing safety panels. Easy access for service and maintenance;
Integrated emergency stop button;
Equipment for technical and vocational automotive education and training;
Diagnostic and measurement
Oscillosope / multimeter

System’s parameters are measured by connecting to the banana connector;
Ability to measure electrical signal parameters of each system component (such as sensor or actuator);
Ability to measure high voltage circuit of the ignition system;
Control unit diagnosis

Diagnosis through OBD 16 – pin diagnostic connector
Electronic control unit (ECU) identification
Reading/erasing fault codes
Displaying the operating system parameters (live data)
Actuator test (Depends on the control unit)
Throttle adaptation
Control unit coding/configuration

The stand has a closed structure – internal wiring is not visible; Instrument cluster, measurement and fault simulation panel is integrated into a closed aluminium frame construction
Dimensions approx. (HxLxW): 1550 x 1000 x 1200 mm
Nett weight approx.: 310 Kg
Made in EU
CE certificate

stanowisko edukacyjne zaprojektowane do kształcenia i szkolenia technicznego i zawodowego w branży samochodowej.

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