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Silnik Samochodowy Benzynowy GDI Euro 3 - Stanowisko Dydaktyczne MVGDI01


   Fully functional system
   Diagnosis through OBD 16 pole diagnostic socket
   Open contacts for measuring system components and circuits
   Fault code simulations

Educational engine trainer includes:

   Gasoline engine
   Accelerator pedal
   Transport wheels

   Dash board
   Electrical diagram with measuring contacts and jumpers
   Fuse box
   Battery connection indication
   STOP switch
   OBD II diagnose connector
   Ignition Key

The training gasoline engine works and is used in the same way as the conventional internal combustion engine used in automobiles. The circuit diagram contains jumpers and electrical contacts for measuring and monitoring the working parameters of various components. After removing the jumpers, it is possible to simulate failures, to observe changes in the operation of the motor. After connecting to the OBD II diagnostic connector with a system scanner, it is possible to monitor engine operating parameters, read and delete errors, perform activation of performance elements, diagnose.

stanowisko edukacyjne zaprojektowane do kształcenia i szkolenia technicznego i zawodowego w branży samochodowej.

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