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Ustawianie Zbieżności Kół - Stanowisko Dydaktyczne MSVAZ01


   Suspension angles modification on front and rear axles
   Toe angle modification on front and rear axles
   Camber angle modification on front and rear axles
   Caster angle modification, cradle adjustment, steering rack modification
   All suspension components are visible and easily adjustable

Wheels and tyres should be ordered separately!
Technical specifications and functions
Main functions:

Wheel alignment training stand consists of a McPherson-type front suspension and multi-link rear suspension.

The McPherson-type front suspension has 8 adjustment points that allow:

   To adjust camber, steering axis inclination (SAI), and caster angles by sliding shock absorber upper mount.
   To adjust camber at 2 points.
   To adjust camber, caster, and SAI angles by turning the front eccentric bolt on the front lever.
   Adjust the caster angle by turning the rear eccentric bolt on the front lever. By turning the front and rear eccentric bolts it is possible to adjust the camber.
   To adjust Toe by the steering tie rod.
   Adjust the camber angle by sliding the wheel with an unscrewed lower link on the front lever. Steering axis inclination is also changing.
   Caster angle and automobile base can be adjusted by loosening the subframe and sliding it along the length. The Camber angle and steering axis (SAI) of the vehicle can be adjusted by sliding the subframe sideways.
   The steering wheel lock bolt allows capturing the steering wheel and the steering column in order to keep the steering wheel in a stable position.

The rear multi-link suspension has 3 adjustment points, that allows:

1) To adjust Toe angles (alignment) by adjusting lower rod;

2) To adjust camber angles (alignment) by adjusting the eccentric bolts on the upper level;

3) To adjust the longitudinal position (wheelbase) of the wheel by adjusting the front rod of the rear suspension;
Diagnostic and measurement
* With the wheel aligner for the suspension geometry adjustment it is possible to demonstrate these measurements and settings:

   Wheelbase distances and diagonals
   Axis shift in relation to one another
   Scrub radius
   Caster trail
   Steering axis inclination (SAI)
   Tread width
   Wheelbase length
   Front and rear axle wheel set back
   Ride height (zero ride height)
   Central line position
   Traction line operation, thrust angle
   Toe difference angle
   Turning radius (rolling radius)

* Depending on wheel aligner software possibilities

Wheel alignment training stand is designed for making demonstrations of the suspension angles by using all types and technology of wheel aligners:

   3D Technology Wheel Aligner
   CCD Technology Wheel Aligner
   Mechanical Wheel Aligner (rulers, ropes, lasers, and etc.)

The best and most suitable wheel aligner is with 3D technology.

The car lift is not necessary for training and demonstration because an open construction of the training stand construction allows to see and perform various measurements from all sides.

   Wheels and tires should be ordered separately!
   Wheel alignment training stand can be easily folded and placed so that it takes up minimal space for storage and transportation
   The front axle has hydraulic brakes
   The rear axle wheels could be blocked by locking bolts
   Dimensions approx. (HxLxW): Fully spread base 110 x 310 x 170 / Folded for storage 110x 165 x 170 (Standing stand on the wheels) / Folded for storage 165 x 110 x 170 (Upright stand)
   Nett weight approx.: 195 Kg
   Made in EU
   CE certificate

   Equipment for technical and vocational automotive education and training.

Optional accessories

Wheel alignment training stand wheels and tires set:

   Refurbished Wheels R14/R15 x 4 units (4×100)
   New tires 195/55 R 14/R15 x 4 units

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