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Doświadczenie Michelsona - Stanowisko Edukacyjne, typ: EXP200090

Doświadczenie Michelsona - Stanowisko Edukacyjne EXP200090

The Michelson interferometer is an optical device producing  interferences by amplitude division. It consists of two flat mirrors and  a semi-reflecting plate attached to a compensator. A number of  experiments are possible, such as parallel beam splitters and air wedge  configuration, vacuum refractive index measurement and glass slide  thickness. For example, sodium beats highlight is also possible with the  motor. We can equally highlight the piezoelectric effect.

Zagadnienia edukacyjne (ćwiczenia):

  1. RINGS, LAW IN √n
  1. Verify the theory of composition of rings of equal tilt. If we study the diameter of concentric rings, we observe that this diameter varies by a ring according to the root of its order. Thus the fourth ring will be twice as large as the first one. This study will be conducted with a sodium source (or filtered high pressure mercury). To keep a trace of the results, we shall use the Caliens CCD detector.  This will let us measure ring diameters accurately and generate a data  bank with your devices when preparing hands-on exercises.

  1. An air wedge is a name stemming from mirror positions. It also refers to the effect generated by a specific configuration of settings.We call «air wedge» a slight tilt of M2 with respect to M1 in  the immediate vicinity of the optical contact. In fact it is as though  the two beams interfered after passing through an air wedge.

  1. A hermetic tank with parallel surfaces, in which a vacuum can be created, is placed in one of the arms of a Michelson interferometer, set to display rings, for laser light. Air pumping in the tank produces a variation in optical path difference resulting in a scroll-down of the rings on the screen. The  air refractive index can be measured by counting the rings scrolled down  in the centre of the figure. In reality, we shall gradually  depressurise the tank for a number of pressure values : -200, -400,  -600, -800, -900 hPa (negative pressure with respect to atmospheric  pressure). Each time it is opened, we shall start to record using the  Caliens camera before observing the number of output oscillations.

  • Beating of a spectral lamp
  • Notion of an air wedge
  • Optical contact and WLF (white light fringe)
  • Glass slide thickness
  • Measuring vacuum index
  • Fourier transform of a spectral lamp
  • Michelson’s study
  • Rings, law in √n

Zalecane Wyposażenie:
  • POD013495 Michelson Interferometer x1
  • POD010020 Superior Caliens Camera x1
  • POD608420 Lens, f= +100 mm, Ø 80 mm x1
  • POD060130 Component holder, Ø 80 mm x1
  • POD002192 Half-moon stand x4
  • POD010053 Condenser x1
  • POD060230 Basic plate holder x1
  • POD013499 Vacuum tank + manual pump x1
  • POD013497 Plater holder x1
  • POD013210 HeNe laser x1
  • POD069140 Halogen lantern, with dimmer x1
  • POD010056 Stand for spectral lamp x1
  • POD010058 Sodium spectral lamp, low pressure x1
  • POD010057 Mercury spectral lamp, high pressure x1
  • POD013565 Motorization for Michelson interferometer x1

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