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Interferometr Fabry’ego-Perota - Stanowisko Edukacyjne, typ: EXP200110

Interferometr Fabry’ego-Perota - Stanowisko Edukacyjne EXP200110

The Fabry-Perot interferometer consists of two parallel semi-reflecting  plates (beamsplitters), separated by a distance L (The plate reflection  coefficient is greater than 90%). A ray of light entering between the  two plates is reflected very many times before it leaves. On each  reflection, a portion R of the intensity is reflected and a portion (1 –  R) is transmitted. The outgoing rays of light interfere at infinity or  in the focal plane of a lens. Multiple interference can be constructive  only if all rays are approximately in phase, particularly if there is a  large number of rays and thus if R is large. Rays are in phase only for some specific θ angles depending on λ and L.

Zagadnienia edukacyjne (ćwiczenia):
    The mercury vapour lamp (Hg) contains a spectral doublet made up of two  wavelengths very close to one another. Use of a Fabry-Perot  interferometer allows these two wavelengths
    to be clearly distinguished  and their spectral gap to be measured. For this purpose, we shall use an interference filter in order  to select only this doublet amongst the spectral range of the mercury  lamp.
    To be able to separate the different rings more efficiently, they need
    to be as fine as possible. This is equivalent to refining the peaks
    in  the previous curve, i.e. reduce Δλ with respect to δλ. Thus, a good quality interferometer will exhibit a far lower Δλ than δλ  .The greater
    the fineness, the finer the rings. To increase fineness,  the surfaces making up the cavity can be made highly reflective. Indeed,  we can show that fineness increases at the same time as the surface  reflection coefficient. Consequently, commercially available Fabry-Pérot interferometers can have finenesses of a few dozens or a few hundreds. In research, this can even attain a few hundred thousands.
    This high degree of fineness is a major asset of this type of  interferometers with respect to Michelson’s interferometer, which has
    a  fineness of 2. Thus, the number of oscillations N carried out by light
    in the cavity increases at the same time as fineness


  • Interferences
  • Fabry Pérot study
  • Wavelength
  • Spectrometry

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