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Interferometr Michelsona z Napędem Elektrycznym, typ: POD013496

Interferometr Michelsona z Napędem Elektrycznym POD013496

Michelson apparatus is a dual beam interferometer: two beams generated by amplitude division can interfere. One semireflecting plate, called separator, divides one incident light beam into two beams, of identical intensity. Each beamis then reflected by a mirror. At the interferometer output, both beams, which have an optical path  difference dependingon the distance & the angle between the  mirrors, interfere ; generating therefore, an “interference pattern”. One of the two mirrors is fitted on a trolley, which enables to vary the  path difference, in rotating one micrometric screw. On the other hand, a  complete set of screws, intended to adjust the plate & mirrors  positioning.

Michelson interferometer is constituted of mirrors: Ø 40 mm, and  glass plates Ø 80 mm, in order to ensure a better visibility of the  interference gratings. Plates & mirrors are anti-reflection  processed, and have flatness of Lambda/20.  The assembly is protected by infra red filter, Ø 50 mm. Screws & adjustment devices are made of stainless steel. The fine adjustment is geared down by a torsion system. The translation plate is guided by ball bearing systems. The motion range: 25 mm, is carried out by a micrometric screw with digital display  (micrometric accuracy). The main plate is made of solid steel with anti-vibration feet. The adjustment screw of the compensating device angle is external,  giving better access. Anti-unscrewing stop ends are also fitted on the  moving mirror adjustment screws.

Zagadnienia edukacyjne (ćwiczenia):
  1. Study of interference phenomena
  2. Wavelength measurement
  3. Speed of light calculation
  4. Study of fluted spectrum
  5. Measure of Sodium doublet
  6. Thin glass plate thickness meas
  7. Medium index measurement
  8. Analysis & recording of interference gratings (motorized models)

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